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During your on-campus audition as our guest for the day, you are invited to attend classes, sit in on rehearsals, and visit with students and faculty. All students must pass an audition and music theory placement exam before being accepted into the music program. This entrance audition will also serve as your scholarship audition. (Click here for information on music scholarships.) Students are encouraged to schedule an audition on one of the on-campus audition days below, however, if an on-campus audition is not possible, students may send in a tape, CD, or DVD recording. All students are encouraged to apply for college-wide academic scholarships and financial aid. For a campus tour call the Performing Arts Administrative Assistant at 970.248.1233.

Priority Scholarship Audition Day

for all music students

March 10, 2017

Students wishing to be considered for a scholarship must audition by the above date. To schedule an audition before, on, or after this date, please email the following information to the professors for your area: name, address, phone, email, desired major, and instrument.

You should also fill out and bring the following application to your audition: Application.doc

Audition Requirements

The singing audition includes a vocalization to determine voice quality and range, and one or two solos. One of the prepared solos should be classical in nature. A second could be a music theatre selection or a second, contrasting classical piece. An accompanist will be provided.

All prospective students must contact either Monte Atkinson, Director of Vocal Ensembles; or Graham Anduri, Director of Vocal Studies, to arrange a personal interview and audition.


Violin and Viola players see information here.

For any violin and viola audition questions, and to schedule an audition, please contact Francisc Restesan 

Cello and Bass:

Scales - major, minor and chromatic - full range of instrument - appropriate tempo.
Études - one technical and one lyrical
Solo - appropriate repertoire for your ability level, preferably with accompaniment

Cello and Bass students should contact Kristen Yeon-Ji Yun to schedule an audition.

Wind players should prepare the following:
Scales - major and chromatic - full range of instrument - appropriate tempo.
Etudes/Excerpts - one technical and one lyrical (ex: All-State etudes, orchestral excerpts, section of an appropriate solo work)

Students are encouraged to contact the appropriate studio professor for more details or suggestions regarding specific audition materials and to schedule an audition. If you are a woodwind student (flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon), please contact Jun Watabe and if you are a high brass student (trumpet, horn), please contact Jonathan Hinkle. If you are a low-brass student (trombone, euphonium, tuba), please contact Sean Flanigan.

Percussionists should prepare one etude or solo for each of the following areas: snare drum, keyboard percussion, and timpani. In addition, students with drum set experience should be prepared to demonstrate time and solo playing in various styles.

Percussion students should contact Darin Kamstra to schedule an audition.

Students auditioning on piano should perform a minimum of two contrasting pieces, at least one of which should be by memory. Sight reading ability and technical background will also be assessed at the audition. Students should submit a one or two page resume listing years of study, teachers, scope of repertory, and theory/technical training (what scales, arpeggios, exercise books, etc. you have mastered).

All prospective piano students must contact Arthur Houle, Director of Keyboard Studies, to arrange a personal audition and interview.