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Western Colorado's Selective University

FLEXmoney Account

The FLEXmoney account is a prepaid account that is optional and is directly deposited on the MAVcard. FLEXmoney can be used in several CMU departments around campus including:

  • the Bookstore
  • the Office of Student Accounts
  • Hamilton Recreation Center
  • Pay to Park parking lots
  • MAVprint
  • Tomlinson Library

FLEXmoney deposits can be made in the MAVcard Office located in the University Center, the Business Office in Lowell Heiny Hall or online. Students, staff, and faculty may check their FLEXmoney account balance and make a deposit in the Campus Life tab in MAVzone.

This account is frequently used in the CMU Bookstore, as the Bookstore does not allow students to use their parents/guardian's credit cards as a form of payment, unless the parents/guardians are present at the time. Parents are also not able to pay over the phone for Bookstore purchases. However, a parent/guardian can make a deposit to their student's FLEXmoney account online at Then students may complete their Bookstore purchase by swiping their MAVcard at the Bookstore registers.

FLEXmoney can also be transferred over to the card holder's MAVmoney account. Once transferred to MAVmoney, deposits cannot be transferred back to the FLEXmoney account.

*FLEXmoney deposits are final and non-refundable unless otherwise noted in the refund policy.