Maverick Stampede

The Maverick Stampede is Colorado Mesa University's high-energy marching band. This exciting opportunity is open to all CMU students, and is proud to be known as CMU's largest student organization.

Maverick Stampede M

Benefits of Membership

  • Excellence - perform for large audiences at football games and competitions
  • Pride - one of CMU's most respected campus-wide groups 
  • Family - build relationships & be a part of CMU's largest organization - GET INVOLVED!
  • Access - early and free access to campus (and your dorm room) in the fall during our short preseason camp (1 week before Fall Term)
  • SeasonSHORT & EASY (likly less than most HS marching bands)
  • Rehearsals - Tuesday & Thursday evening rehearsals, 6-9pm (mid-Aug. - Oct.)
  • Facilities - custom rehearsal/meeting/storage facility (private turf field and more!)
  • Easy Credit - KINE Credit (required for all majors) during 1st year, then "zero" (free) credit after
  • Cost - very little! 
    • casual Under Armor brand warm-up uniform, yours to keep, one time purchase for new members ($90 for complete uniform - jacket, pants, hat, t-shirt). 55% off retail. 
    • black marching band shoes ($30 only if needed - you might already have these)
    • all other items (flip folder, music, large instruments) provided at no cost

Auditions and Scholarships

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