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Rowdy Brass Band

The Rowdy Brass Band is an elite “ambassador” ensemble designed to train a 21st Century musician/student and meet the demand for high quality entertainment in the CMU and Grand Junction communities.  Student members of this group are treated and paid like professional musicians.  The Rowdy Brass Band rehearses weekly during the fall & spring semesters, preparing for performances from August through May.  This band consists of CMU’s best brass, saxophone, and percussion performers.  Dr. Hinkle leads and also performs with the Rowdy Brass Band.


2017-2018 Performance Schedule

2017-2018 Roster

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Other Rowdy Brass Band details include:

  • $1500 scholarship for each member (replaces other athletic band awards if applicable)
  • elite one-on-a-part chamber ensemble modeled after groups like Disney’s “All-American Band"
  • members must fully commit and are treated as professional musicians, including the possibility of scholarships being reduced, being cut and/or replaced when not in attendance at all required events or meeting performance responsibilities (students who choose to maintain an extensive part-time job schedule may not be able to participate)
  • highly mobile group, can play ANYWHERE (inside or outside)
  • all members must also participate in the Maverick Stampede in the fall 
  • Instrumentation: 20+/- members - 2 Alto Sax, 2 Tenor Sax, 1 Bari Sax, 4-5 Trumpets, 2 Mellophones, 1-2 Baritones, 2 Trombones, 1 Sousaphone, 2-3 Percussion, 1 alternate for each instrument will also be chosen.  Exact instrumentation dependent on audition (new CMU students and non-music majors are encouraged to apply).
  • a college credit course (MUSP 445B, chamber ensemble, students must register in the fall)
  • rehearses once a week in fall & spring (Wednesdays, 4:10-5:30pm)
  • performance venues: campus events, downtown businesses, special requests, recruitment visits, sporting events, etc.

Auditions will be held on Wednesday, March 15 starting at 4pm in the CMU Band Room (MPAC 005/006).  Auditions will be first come, first served.  In lieu of this, students may also choose to submit a video directly to Dr. Hinkle ( by or before 6pm on this date.  Video production and quality does not need to be high level, however, any demonstration of music being played by memory must be obvious to the viewer (ie. perform towards a viewable wall or other). 

Current members must play assigned parts by memory.  Potential future members choose a part that best fits your ability level and desired part placement.  Playing by memory is encouraged for potential future members, but not required.
  • Wind Instruments:
    1. "Chameleon," ALL. Play with metronome @ 105 BPM.
    2. Demonstration of ability to play Melody, Harmony, Countermelody, Bass-lines and/or other appropriate improvisation to "When the Saints" in Concert F (demonstrate what you can). Use of metronome or backing/playalong tract (find on YouTube) encouraged, but not required.
  • Percussion Instruments - Using only a snare drum, 1 suspended cymbal, and 1 other "toy" (ie; cowbell, block, closed hats, etc.), demonstrate the following beats/rhythms, while also trading phrases (2 or 4 bars) of "time" and "soloing" with yourself in each:
    1. Slow Rock
    2. Fast Rock
    3. 12/8 Rock/Funk 
    4. Medium Latin/Bossa
    5. 2 Beat Fast March (think "Hot Time")
    6. 2 Beat "New Orleans Groove" (think "When the Saints)