Library Rooms

Study Rooms

The library has 24 reservable, computer-equipped group study rooms that accommodate from two to eight people for up to two hours. Additionally, a variety of seating options and work space is available for study or group work on all floors, open to everyone and requiring no reservation.

  • Study rooms may be reserved for a maximum of two hours. Violations of this policy may result in cancelations.
  • Finals Week reservations may not be made more than one week in advance.
  • Please leave rooms in good condition for the next group: place all trash in the containers provided, erase boards, push in chairs, and log off computers.
  • Study rooms are not soundproof. Please respect other library patrons by keeping conversations to an appropriate level.
  • Alcohol, marijuana, and other recreational drugs are strictly prohibited in the study rooms at all times.
  • The Library upholds the policies in the Maverick Guide. Violations will be referred to the Student Conduct Officer.
  • Priority is given to groups of two or more.

First-come, first served study rooms

The Library offers a variety of seating and work space for study or group work on all floors, open to everyone and requiring no reservation. Priority is given to students with course-related needs.

  • Viewing and Listening Rooms: 163, 164, 165
  • Phone Rooms: 203, 302
  • Family Room: 208
  • Third-floor quiet study areas

24-hour study room

The 24-hour study room is equipped with 16 networked computers, a printer, worktables with seating, and restrooms. The 24-hour space is available for anyone to use during most library hours, and is accessible to CMU students with active MAVcards  when the library is closed. The after-hours entrance is on the southeast side of the building, between the 24-hr book drop and the firepit.

Only CMU students with active MAVcards are authorized to use this space. If you are an authorized user but are unable to gain access with your MAVcard after library hours, please call the Facilities Helpline at 970.254.4357. Be prepared to show your MAVcard to verify your identity.

  • Same-day study rooms may be made instantly at: or at the Checkout & Reserves Desk.
  • Right-now study rooms may be made at the touchpanels outside each room.
  • Next-day, future, and recurring study rooms may be requested online at or call Kawna Safford at 970.248.1406.

To reserve a room at the touchpanel:

  1. IF THE LIGHT IS GREEN: Touch  Available to reserve the room for immediate use.
    IF THE LIGHT IS RED: Touch  Find for a list of rooms available right now.
  2. Touch  Subject to type a name or description for your group.
  3. Click a  Reservation Length, or touch    to reserve the room for the maximum time available.
  4. Touch  Reserve at the bottom of the screen to complete your reservation.

For room reservation help, stop by the Checkout & Reserves desk on the 1st floor.

Classrooms & Conference Room

The Library has two technology-rich classrooms used for course-related library instruction and reservable by faculty & staff on an occasional basis. Rooms L 212 and L 231 each have whiteboards, 34 student computer stations, and an instructor's station with a computer and projection equipment.

The Boettcher Conference Room accommodates 20+ and is reservable by faculty & staff. L 331 overlooks the beautiful Grand Mesa and Mt. Garfield, and is equipped with a computer, projection equipment, and a phone conferencing suite.

  • The Library classrooms are  for occasional use only, and not for ongoing needs/classes.
  • Please plan to be present at all times with your class. 
  • No food or drink is allowed  in these rooms. Please communicate this to your class to avoid confusion with the open food/drink policy in the rest of the Library.
  • For new users of technology-rich computer classrooms:  At the beginning of each semester, IT provides   faculty training on the use of classroom technology. For help using classroom technology or if you have special technology needs, please contact the   IT Help Desk  at 970.248.1111,   online, or on the first floor of the Library.
  • The rooms are kept locked for security reasons.    The Library Administrator (L331) will unlock the doors. If the room is locked when you arrive, please ask for help at the Checkout & Reserves Desk.
  • Please close the door when you leave; it will lock automatically.

Reserve Library classrooms & Boettcher Conference Room at or contact Kawna Safford at 970.248.1406 or

You'll need the following:

  1. Purpose or topic of study.
  2. Your name.
  3. Your phone number.
  4. Date and time frame requested.
  5. Maximum # of people you expect to be in the room.

Report a Problem

Having trouble reserving or requesting a Library room? Please complete the Trouble Reporting Form below, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.