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Western Colorado's Selective University

Subject Librarians - Department Liaisons

For questions about library instruction or materials, or other library-related concerns, please contact the librarian for your subject area.

Anthropology, Jim Dildine, 970.248.1864

Art, Rose Petralia, 970.248.1259

Biology, Jay Ballenberger. 970.248.1439

Business Administration, Laureen Cantwell, 970.248.1865

Chemistry, Jamie Walker, 970.248.1863

Children's Literature, Anne Knipe Bledsoe, 970.248.1805

Computer & Info Systems, Business, Laureen Cantwell,970.248.1865

Computer Science, Jay Ballenberger, 970.248.1439

Construction Management, Laureen Cantwell, 970.248.1865

Criminal Justice, Barbara Borst, 970.248.1872

Dance, Jamie Walker, 970.248.1863

Drama/Theatre, Jamie Walker, 970.248.1863

Economics, Laureen Cantwell, 970.248.1865

Education, Anne Knipe Bledsoe, 970.248.1805

Engineering, Jamie Walker, 970.248.1863

Environmental Science, Jamie Walker, 970.248.1863

General/Library, Sylvia Rael, 970.248.1846

Geology, Jamie Walker, 970.248.1863

Government Documents, Jamie Walker, 970.248.1863

Health Sciences, Barbara Borst, 970.248.1872

History, Jim Dildine, 970.248.1864

Kinesiology, Barbara Borst, 970.248.1872

Language & Literature, Anne Knipe Bledsoe, 970.248.1805

Mass Communication, Laureen Cantwell, 970.248.1865

Mathematics & Statistics, Jay Ballenberger, 970.248.1439

Music, Jamie Walker, 970.248.1863

Nursing, Radiologic Science, EMT, Barbara Borst, 970.248.1872

Nutrition, Barbara Borst, 970.248.1872

Philosophy/Religion, Sylvia Rael, 970.248.1029

Physics, Jamie Walker, 970.248.1863

Political Science, Barbara Borst, 970.248.1872

Psychology, Jeff Grossman, 970.248.1520

Public Administration/Public Safety, Barbara Borst, 970.248.1872

Reference, Rose Petralia, 970.248.1259

Social Work, Jeff Grossman, 970.248.1520

Sociology, Jeff Grossman, 970.248.1520

Spanish, Jay Ballenberger, 970.248.1439

Special Collections/Regional History, Jim Dildine, 970.248.1864

Western Colorado Community College, Laureen Cantwell, 970.248.1865