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Western Colorado's Selective University

Admission and Retention Requirements

Pre-Athletic Training

The Pre-Athletic Training major is not a degree granting major. It is designed for students who are planning to pursue a Bachelor's of Science degree in Athletic Training but have not yet been accepted into to Athletic Training Program.

Admission Requirements and Application

Click here for Athletic Training Program Admission Requirements and Application and application deadlines.

Students who meet all admittance requirements will be considered for acceptance into the clinical portion of the Athletic Training Program. Placement is limited. Highest priority will be given to the most qualified applicants based on the following criteria:

  1. Overall and major grade point average
  2. Grades in prerequisite courses
  3. Completion of required observation hours and clinical skills (this is built into the KINE 240 course)
  4. Quality of written essay submitted with application
  5. Demonstrated work ethic
  6. Written recommendation from a certified athletic trainer
  7. Completion of an interview with members of the athletic training faculty

Please note, expenses in addition to tuition are associated with the clinical portion of the Athletic Training Program. Expenses include, but are not necessarily limited to: a criminal background check, TB testing, personal health and liability insurance, student membership in the National Athletic Trainers' Association, and transportation to off campus clinical sites.

Retention Requirements

Students in the Athletic Training Program are required to maintain a 2.75 cumulative and major GPA. Students failing to maintain a cumulative and major GPA of 2.75 will be placed on academic probation for one semester. If the cumulative and major GPA remains below 2.75 in the subsequent semester, the student will be dismissed from the Athletic Training Program.

Additional Athletic Training Program requirements for retention include:

  • Completion of all supplemental paperwork (see additional expenses above)
  • Satisfactorily complete the didactic component, competencies and proficiencies component, and the hour component of each Field and Clinical Experience course before moving on to the next.
    • Must receive a grade of C or higher
    • Must pass off all associated competencies and proficiencies
    • Must meet the required hour requirement (Junior and Senior year semester minimum average = 240 hours, maximum average = 400 hours)

As a representative of the Colorado Mesa University, the Department of Kinesiology, and the Athletic Training Program, the student is responsible for maintaining the standards and expectations established by the program including those published in the Athletic Training Student Handbook. Failure to uphold these standards and expectations, after being so notified, will result in dismissal from the program.