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 Located at Lowell Heiny Hall 1st Floor

Colorado Mesa University has developed a new way of doing business for students: Integrated Resources for Information and Solutions (IRIS).

Located on the first floor of Lowell Heiny Hall, this new centralized desk offers a one-stop location for financial aid, registration/records, student accounts and advising.

We’re dedicated to exceptional service.

At IRIS, you’ll work with CMU staff who are dedicated to making your student experience exceptional. Our team is focused on reducing or eliminating the bounce from one office to another. Our team is committed to making every effort to help you without referring you to multiple offices, or making sure you get connected with the right office the first time.

IRIS Guiding Principles

The guiding principles of IRIS are to: 

  • Promote Self-Service - Proactively communicate tools available for students to utilize so they can resolve questions on their own.
  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Service - Provide seamless customer service to increase satisfaction by reducing or eliminating the bounce (bouncing students from one office to another office) regardless of how they engage with the office (in-person, phone, e-mail, or web).
  • Embrace Student-Centered Problem Solving - Empower staff to help students resolve cross-functional administrative barriers.
  • Create Operational Efficiency - Redesign business processes, maximize use of technology, and continuously seek improvement opportunities.

AskIRIS Desk ~ Opening August 2017

Opening August 2017, students will be able to receive first level, in-person service in Lowell Heiny Hall 1st floor in the areas of financial aid, registration/records, student accounts and advising through the centralized IRIS Desk. Students will be able to get questions answered in one single place, or be connected directly to the correct expert in the main functional areas to resolve their issue.

We hope to reduce student run around and frustration with the administrative process. Services will grow over time and we expect to expand to phone and email services in the coming year.