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Western Colorado's Selective University

Student Profiles

Student enrollment data is available for census, end of term, and for the fiscal year. Census and end of term data are broken out by class standing, degree level, age, gender, race/ethnicity, region, campus, and more.

Census student profiles are based on a snapshot of enrollment data taken after 15% of the semester has been completed, after the last day to add or drop a full semester class. Click on one of the headers below to see the available terms. For official enrollment counts, use the end of term profiles.

The end of term enrollment profiles represent the official enrollment data at Colorado Mesa University. End of term counts include students who register only for Late Start or Second Module classes; these students might not be included in the census profiles. Click on one of the headings below to see the available terms.

Overview of Current Enrollment

Fall 2016 Enrollment


Exclusively Extended Studies