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Yearly Mandatory Training - Keeping Our Campus Secure

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Information Security Awareness

Colorado Mesa University takes protecting the University, its intellectual property and any personal or confidential information extremely seriously. To help protect our organization, we provide Information Security Awareness training to all our Faculty and Staff. Our goal is to help individuals understand the risks in using today's technology and how to effectively defend against today's cyber threats, both at work and at home.

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Securing The Human: A Year-Round Approach To Increasing The Awareness of Cyber Security Threats

On a yearly basis, Colorado Mesa University provides information security awareness training to all employees as required by State statute. This training is entitled "Keeping Our Campus Secure" and it is designed to be a comprehensive review of information security topics that should be at the front of our minds on a daily basis. As with any topic, it's difficult to recall information if you're not exposed to it on a regular basis. So, the CMU Information Security Team has provided you with access to a new cutting edge information security awareness program from the SANS Institute entitled, Securing The Human, or S.T.H. You will be seeing helpful information designed specifically to educate and protect you from information security threats. Please take a look at the links below for more information and if you suspect an information security incident, please contact the IT Security Team at

Securing The Human

Securing The Human is designed to introduce you to key information security topics through the the use of concise training videos, monthly newsletters, posters and email tips.

CMU has purchased these materials to help you increase your awareness.

Confidential information is very valuable to criminals. Take steps to protect it today.

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