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Faculty and Administrative Staff Benefits

Colorado Mesa University is authorized by the Board of Trustees to offer a broad array of benefits to its professional staff. The benefits are subject to change, from time to time, at the direction of the Trustees. Additional information about specific benefits and copies of plan documents may be obtained from the Office of Human Resources. To the extent this policy conflicts with the plan documents, the plan documents are controlling.

Benefits eligible Faculty and Administrative Staff are those employees with appointments of at least a 0.75 FTE during the fiscal year. Benefits are effective the first day of the month following the date of hire. If the date of hire is the first day of the month, benefits begin immediately.

Benefit Summary 2016 for Faculty and Administrative Staff

2016 Benefit Premium Summary

Work-Life Employee Discount Program

Employee Benefits:

Colorado Mesa University Faculty and Administrative Staff have available four Medical Insurance Plans, all provided by Rocky Mountain Health Plans. Eligible employees may enroll effective the first day of the month following their date of hire.

Medical Plans: (click on the link below to review the plan description) Medical Benefit Plan Comparison

PlanEmployee Cost
(CaféWell ~ Qualify)
Employee Cost
(CaféWell ~ Non Qualify/
Non Participant)
Good Health PPO 350 Employee Only $262.15 $312.15
Employee & Family $682.20 $732.20
Good Health HMO 1000 Employee Only $132.92 $182.92
Employee & Family $344.84 $394.84
Good Health PPO HSA 3250
Health Savings Account (HSA) Eligible
Employee Only $76.79 $126.79
Employee & Family $196.20 $246.20
Good Health HMO 5000
Non HSA Plan
Employee Only $44.96 $94.96
Employee & Family $114.37 $164.37

HSA (Health Saving Account) - Employees enrolled in the PPO HDHP may choose to enroll in a Health Savings Account. 2016 HSA Plan limits are $3,350 for an employee only and $6,650 for an employee with family coverage.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans partners with The Bancorp Bank to offer Health Savings Account (HSA) to employees who are enrolled in the PPO HDHP. The Bancorp Bank is one of the most highly experience and respected full-service commercial banks in America. To read more about the HSA, please visit the following web sites:

CafeWell - Each year during Open Enrollment, which typically takes place in November for a January 1 effective date, employees may choose to participate in the CafeWell Wellness Program. The CafeWell program was designed to give you the information and tools you need to make or sustain positive lifestyle choices. By participating, employees have an opportunity to receive an incentive towards lowering their monthly health insurance premium.

Additional Links, Forms and Contact Information:

Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Customer Service 970.243.7050

RMHP Change Form

RHMP Enrollment Form

Affidavit for Common Law Spouse

Affidavit of Domestic Partnership

Dental Insurance is available to benefits eligible Faculty and Administrative Staff, effective the first day of the month following their date of hire. An Indemnity Dental Benefit Plan is provided by Delta Dental. Delta Dental allows you to visit any dentist you choose by providing both in-network and out-of-network coverage. Please refer to the Dental Plan Summary for details.

Indemnity Dental PlanTotal Monthly CostEmployee Cost per Month
Employee Only
Employee and Family

Additional Links, Forms and Contact Information:

Dental Plan Summary

Dental Plan Certificate

Delta Dental Web Access

Delta Dental Eye Med Program

Delta Dental Customer Service 1.800.610.0201

Vision Care Direct is committed to providing Colorado Mesa University Faculty and Staff with superior quality and professional vision care. Vision Care Direct provides a membership plan to cover routine exams and materials based on the plan you may choose.

Group Plan





Platinum Material Only


Material Only

Exam Only


$8.96 $5.50
Employee + 1 $20.56
$15.92 $11.00
Emp + Family $26.18
$18.22 $17.18

Additional Links, Forms and Contact Information:

Summary of Vision Plan

Colorado Mesa University offers a Flexible Benefit Plan to benefits eligible Faculty and Administrative Staff. The Flexible Benefit Plan is provided by FlexMagic and is made possible by Sections 105, 106, 126 and 129 of the Internal Revenue Code. There are three separate and optional components under the Plan: Pre-Tax Insurance Premium Payments, Health Care Spending Account, and Dependent Care Spending Account. These options provide you with the opportunity to pay some of your insurance premiums and other eligible family expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Additional Links, Forms and Contact Information:

FSA Information and Rules

Flexible Benefit Plan Packet

Claims / Check Schedule

Flex Claim Form

Flex Magic Consulting


Basic Life Insurance

Colorado Mesa University provides group term life and accidental death and dismemberment to all benefits eligible Faculty and Administrative Staff through Sun Life Financial. Coverage is equal to 2x the employees basic annual earnings to a plan maximum of $400,000. The life amount reduces by 35% at age 70 and to 50% of the original amount at age 75. Colorado Mesa University pays the full premium of the group term life and AD&D policy, so it is at no cost to the employee.

Colorado Mesa University also provides dependent life insurance, at no cost to the employee of $2,000 for an employees spouse and dependent children.

Enhance Optional Life Insurance

Optional Life Insurance is also available through Sun Life Financial. Employees may choose to purchase up to 5x their annual base salary to a maximum policy of $500,000. You may also choose to purchase optional life insurance for your spouse up to $100,000 (no to exceed 50% of the employee's policy) and for dependent children in policy amounts of $1,000, $2,000, $4,000 , $5,000 or $10,000.

Additional Links, Forms and Contact Information:

Benefit Highlight - Basic Life and AD&D Insurance

Benefit Highlight - Optional Life Insurance

Rates - Optional Life Insurance

Sun Life Policy Employee Booklet

Sun Life Financial Customer Service 1-800-247-6875

Long Term Disability benefits are provided to all benefits eligible Faculty and Administrative Staff through Sun Life Financial. Colorado Mesa University covers 100% of the LTD monthly premium, providing the benefit at no cost to the employee. The Long Term Disability benefit replaces 66% of your gross monthly earnings, less income you may receive from other sources (such as Worker's Compensation, PERA disability, etc.) Benefits begin after the end of the elimination period of 90 days and continue as long as you remain disabled, up to the point specifically outlined in the disability certificate.

Benefit Highlight - Long Term Disability

Sun Life Policy Employee Booklet

Sun Life Financial Customer Service 1-800-247-6875

Short Term Disability is a voluntary coverage offered to benefit eligible Faculty and Administrative Staff through Sun Life Financial. If you become unable to work because of a covered injury, illness or pregnancy, short-term disability could pay a percentage of the your income when you need it most. Employees may elect up to 60% of their weekly salary to a maximum of $2,000 per week in coverage. Benefits begin on the 30th day of being unable to work due to an illness or injury. Coverage can continue for up to 9 weeks. Short Term Disability coverage is a contributory coverage, meaning that you are responsible for paying the monthly premium through payroll deduction.

Benefit Highlight - Short Term Disability

Sun Life Policy Employee Booklet

The Colorado Mesa University Health Insurance Plans are designed to provide each employee a choice in the level of medical insurance coverage they feel they need for themselves and their family. Our Medical Plans provide a variety of comprehensive coverage, however an individual may still have out of pocket expenses depending on the coverage selected and the medical situations which may arise.

For this reason, Colorado Mesa University provides several supplemental insurance coverage through Colonial Supplemental Insurance. These coverage include Accident Insurance and Cancer Insurance.

Accident Insurance is designed to help see you through the different stages of care due to an Accidental Injury such as a broken bone, separated joint or a catastrophic accident. Benefits are designed to help cover the cost of out of pocket expenses such as deductibles, office visit co-pays and transportation and lodging cost. The plan provides benefits for initial care and treatment, in addition to follow-up care you may need.

Cancer Insurance offers the protection you need to concentrate on what is most important - your care. Features of Colonial's Cancer Insurance include:

  • Pays regardless of any other insurance you have with other insurance companies.
  • Provides a cancer screening benefit that you can use even if you are never diagnosed with cancer.
  • Guaranteed renewable as long as premiums are paid when due.
  • Benefits paid directly to you unless you specify otherwise.
  • You can take your coverage with you even if you change jobs or leave your employment.
  • Flexible coverage options for employees and their families.

For more information about Accident Insurance and Cancer Insurance you may contact the Human Resources Office to request a brochure. You may also visit the Colonial Insurance web site at

Long-term care is different from traditional medical care. This type of care covers those affected by accidents, injury, or illness, and it is not restricted to the elderly. Long-term care helps one live as he or she is now. Long-term care services may include help with activities of daily living, home health care, respite care, hospice care, adult day care, care in a nursing home and care in an assisted living facility. Long-term care may also include care management services which will evaluate your needs and coordinate and monitor the delivery of long-term care services.

Long Term Care Insurance provided through Insurance and Wellness in the Rockies is one other way you may pay for long-term care. Long-term care insurance covers some or all of the cost of custodial care of individuals who are no longer capable of caring for themselves. By purchasing long-term care insurance while you are employed you have the opportunity to save on premiums which would be lost by waiting until you retire. Why? Because premium rates are based on the age you are when you originally purchase the policy.

This voluntary program is available to all Colorado Mesa University employees. To find out more please contact Human Resources or contact Insurance & Wellness in the Rockies at 800.889.6260.