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Western Colorado's Selective University

Center for Health Policy Innovation

The mission of the Colorado Mesa University Center for Health Policy Innovation is to help maintain Grand Junction's place at the forefront of innovative, high quality, cost-effective, and patient-centered health care delivery through collaborative research, education, and community engagement


Grand Junction, Colorado has been nationally recognized for a history of innovative collaboration between health care providers, hospitals, the local health insurance company, and information technology to provide high quality, cost effective care. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, the health care landscape changed significantly in many ways. The details of many more changes called for by the sweeping legislation remain unknown. These challenging times lead physicians, hospitals, employers, insurance companies, and patients to all seek ways to adapt to the new health care landscape. The opportunity exists for Grand Junction to recreate the spirit of working together to provide the best possible health care for all members of our community. This time around, new metrics are being used to assess what it means to provide good, quality care. At the Center for Health Policy Innovation in the Redifer Institute, we aim to study the cost and quality of care in Grand Junction before and after ACA passage, identify any need for change, and help adapt our local model toward sustainability in the new times.

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