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Western Colorado's Selective University

Gainful Employment Programs

Final regulations published in the Federal Register on October 29, 2010, require institutions to report certain information about students who enrolled in Title IV eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation (GE programs). Those regulations also provide that institutions must disclose to prospective students certain information about the institution’s GE Programs.

The programs listed below are the educational programs offered by Colorado Mesa University/Western Colorado Community College which are considered GE Programs by those federal regulations. Click on the program to view the required data/information for each program.

Notes Concerning the Data Reported

Neither median debt nor on-time completion rates are required, for privacy reasons, to be disclosed when there are fewer than ten students who completed the GE program during the award year. See

Colorado Mesa University/Western Colorado Community College submits job placement rates to the Colorado Community College System to comply with the state Career Technical Act and federal Perkins regulations for Career and Technical Education funding. The job placement rates reported below are the proportion of completers who the institution was able to contact and were employed in a related field out of the number of completers who were contacted. This placement rate does not consider a completer furthering their education or employed in an unrelated field as a "placement".

Tuition and fees to complete the program is based on the number of credit hours required to complete the program and the current tuition and fee rate. Room and board costs are based on the average current room rate and full meal plan and the number of terms needed to complete the program. The estimated amount for books and supplies is based on an institution wide estimate and the number of terms needed to complete the program. The estimate is not program specific.


Undergraduate Certificates

Administrative Office Technology - 52.0407

Baking and Pastry - 12.0501

Basic Welding - 48.0508

Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing - 48.0510

Construction Electrical Worker - 46.0302

Construction Technology - 46.0000

Control Systems Technician - 15.0613

Criminal Justice - Peace Officer Standards and Training - 43.0107

Culinary Arts - 12.0500

Cultural Resource Management - 30.1202

Early Childhood Education - Director - 19.0709

Early Childhood Education - Teacher - 19.0709

Electric Line Worker - 46.0303

Electronics Technician - 15.0303

EMT Paramedic - 51.0904

Geographic Information Science and Technology- 45.0702

Health Information Technology Systems - 51.0706

Manufacturing Technology Cluster - 48.0501

Medical Office Assistant - 51.0801

Nursing - Practical Nursing - 51.3901

Personal Training - 31.0507

Technology Integration - Computer Technician - 11.0901

Technology Integration - Network Technician - 11.0901

Transportation Services - 47.0604

Transportation Services - Light Duty Technician - 47.0604

Visual Communications - Animation - 10.0304

Welding - 48.0501

Graduate Certificates

Health Information Technology Systems - 51.0706

Teacher Education - 13.0101

Teacher Education Licensure/Endorsement - 13.0101