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Western Colorado's Selective University

Campus Security

Facilities Services is dedicated to keeping students and campus buildings safe and secure at all times. This is accomplished through specified access to residence halls, a complex alarm system and an extensive closed circuit camera system. Even with all these precautions, events can happen beyond our control. There are many ways students can maintain their own personal safety.

Campus Safety Systems

  • Residence hall entrances are secured at all times.
  • Between 10 pm and 7 am, all side doors leading into residence halls are locked. Students must enter through the building main entrance during this time.
  • All academic and office buildings lock at 10 pm and are locked from Friday night through Monday morning.
  • The University Center closes at midnight and is open during the weekends.
  • Students living in the residence halls will be issued a key when they check into their room.
  • Students or faculty requesting access to a particular building on campus should visit the key issue policy page for information.
  • Smoke detectors and notification alarms are located in all residence halls, academic buildings and administrative offices on campus.
  • The alarms are monitored 24 hours a day by a third party monitoring company.
  • When the monitoring company detects a signal from the alarm system, it takes action based on the severity of the signal.
  • All systems are inspected and tested on an annual basis.
  • Alarms are connected to the power system, which means that there are no batteries to change.
  • In the event of a power failure, a back up battery system will power the alarms.
  • CMU currently has 600 closed circuit TV cameras used to monitor activity around campus.
  • The cameras are used to investigate misconduct cases, as well as criminal behavior within the perimeter of campus grounds.
  • Life-safety employees maintain and repair cameras as necessary.
  • This portion of our campus safety program is relatively new and continuing to grow.

Safety Tips

  • Leave the detectors and alarms in place and in functioning mode at all times.

  • Avoid hanging clothes, bags or other items from the fire sprinklers.

  • Follow all instructions given by resident assistants or officials during an alarm event.

  • Don't allow another person to follow you into your residence hall without making sure they live in that hall or have someone to escort them inside.

  • Lock your room door when you leave for class or extended periods of time.

  • Walk in well-lit areas when traveling across campus after dark.

  • Have your key/card out and ready to use when you approach the entrance to your residence hall late at night.

  • Put away all electronics when walking at night so you can be aware of your surroundings.