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Access Technologies

ATLaS interacts with the CMU community most regarding the administration of access credentials. CMU has nearly 8,000 locks. To successfully manage access, we have procedures in place that help us obtain the information we need to best serve you, the patrons of CMU. Please see our Access Procedures for more information on access cards and keys, and the responsibilities that come with possessing them.

Access Procedures


Access-Related Information

Key Request Forms

Key Request Forms are used to request brass keys for access an area. A Director, Senior Manager or Department Head of a workgroup, also known as a Presider, is the only party allowed to submit these requests. Presiders may also designate one other member of the department to submit requests on their behalf. Please download, fill, save, and email as an attachment to Completed forms must be sent from a Presider or Designee email address. Please allow up to seven (7) days for processing, especially during busy times.

(Download and fill in Acrobat)
 (Do not fill in web browser, it will be blank!) 

Key Request Forms are only for brass keys in academic and non-residential spaces. If your key, door, or lock is not functioning properly, please submit a work order. Card access cannot be requested on a Key Request Form. Card access is requested by the Designee on the ATLaS Drive card access spreadsheet.


Key Transfers

Key Transfers are used to report the reassignment of a key within a department. People receiving an office key will sent an emailed Employee Key Agreement to e-sign and return to Only office keys can be transferred without being processed directly by ATLaS. Open and read the form for more information. Please download, fill, save, and email as an attachment to Completed forms must be sent from a Presider or Designee email address.

(Download and fill in Acrobat)
(Do not fill in web browser, it will be blank!)

Key Pickup

Keys that are ready can be picked up at the ATLaS office on the corner of 13th & Elm in the Facilities Services Shops building. ATLaS will notify Designees when keys are ready for pickup. The person being issued the key is welcome to pick up their key during our open office hours. Designees can also pick up keys for those within their area of responsibility.

Access for Academic Spaces

Access requests take time to process. Designees will notify professors when their students have been given access to an academic lab. Designees will notify supervisors when their employees have been granted access, or contact the employee directly. 

If access cards need to be encoded, the MavCard Office in the University Center will provide that service. Designees will be notified if encoding is required. Do not return to the MavCard Office if your card is not functioning as you were told it should. The MavCard Office does not modify access. All discrepancies should go back through the Designee.


Access for Residential Spaces

All student resident access is handled by Residence Life. Do not go to the MavCard Office for an issue regarding residence hall or bedroom access. Students should seek out a Resident Assistant for help or visit the Residence Life office during normal business hours.


Damaged MavCard Replacement (For Employees)

MavCards used by faculty, staff, and student employees for work purposes will wear over time and cease to function properly. Employee MavCards can be replaced at the expense of your department if your supervisor believes that the wear was a result of work-related use. Your supervisor must fill and sign the form (linked below), then the employee can take it to the MavCard Office in the University Center as a voucher for a replacement MavCard. This form does not cover lost MavCards.

MavCard Replacement Form


Student -- End of Summer 17


Student -- End of Fall 17



Student -- Athletic Locker Rooms


Faculty / Staff






We will have someone staffing our office and available to assist you during our open office hours. Outside of these times, ATLaS staff may be out of the office or working around campus. In emergency situations, we may also close unexpectedly.

Due to low visitor traffic between 5/12 - 8/1, we will not always uphold the hours below.

Please call or email ahead.


   8:00am - 12:00pm


     8:00am - 12:00pm


     12:00pm - 4:00pm


     12:00pm - 4:00pm


     8:00am - 12:00pm


You may also:

  • Call 248-1075 to see if someone is available to assist you
  • Email to set a pickup time
  • Walk in and see if we are open

You should only come to pickup an access device after your supervisor or designee has notified you that it is ready. Our open office hours are for patrons dropping off forms, completing an employee checkout, or picking up assigned keys/cards. All access granting requests must first go through the Designee.

ATLaS is responsible for the unlocking of most electrified doors in academic buildings for events and reservations that are scheduled in the 25Live campus system. ATLaS does not take reservations.


These buildings include:

  • Dominguez Hall
  • Escalante Hall
  • Houston Hall
  • Wubben Science

When requesting a room, you must supply the following details:

  • Requestor name
  • CMU email
  • Phone number
  • Event name
  • Event date
  • Event type (i.e. training, meeting, class, etc.)
  • Primary organization for the event (i.e. department, student club)
  • Expected head count
  • Event start time (including set up time)
  • Event end time (including cleanup time)

For information on how to schedule a room in one of these academic buildings or to submit a reservation request, email


For information on scheduling a room in the University Center, visit the University Center Rental Space webpage.


1251 Elm Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501

Entrance on the corner of Elm & 13th

ATLaS sign on entrance


Phone: 970-248-1075



Life Safety

Over time, we will add to this section regarding what ATLaS does to maintain these systems.