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Western Colorado's Selective University


We are a team of managers, custodians, landscapers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, HVAC technicians, painters and event support staff members serving and maintaining the campus environment and building strong relationships with faculty and students in order to support student success.

Who does what?

We work in teams to keep CMU's environment safe, clean and maintained.

Our seven divisions provide service the following areas: campus building systems, interior and exterior services, and campus grounds.

We also provide support for indoor and outdoor events on campus, moving services and construction information.

Our Mechanical Trades, Structural Trades and Access Technologies and Life Safety (ATLAS) divisions maintain the operation of campus building systems, structures and utilities.

Mechanical Trades
Mechanical tradesmen ensure that campus building systems are functioning properly and oversee campus sustainability. 

Keegan Pfeiffer
Sustainability, Energy and Utilities Manager

Structural Trades
 Structural tradesmen maintain and service buildings' architectural elements.

Dave Taylor
Labor Trades Manager

Access Technologies and Life Safety
 ATLaS provides building access and ensures lock and key and emergency systems are functioning properly. 

Rick Fox
Life Safety/Access Control Manager

Our grounds division maintains landscape elements and irrigation systems for all outdoor spaces on campus. 


Doug MacDonald
Landscape Design and Sustainability Manager
Campus Services Shops Building 205

Our Custodial, Event Support and Construction divisions provide services for campus buildings and properties.

Custodians ensure campus buildings are clean and safe.

Custodial Services Manager

Event Support
Our event support team provides physical resources for both indoor and outdoor student and organization events at CMU. We also provide small-scale moving services.

Krista Collins
Facilities Business Services Manager

Our Construction division oversees the planning, design and construction of new buildings and remodels of existing facilities on campus.

Kent Marsh
Director of Facilities Services