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Western Colorado's Selective University

Student FAQ

Most students who have a math class, for example, have access to a math lab to complete their online work. See your professor about getting access if you need it. If you are told you should have the access, but you have tried your MavCard and it does not work, consult your professor again. Do not go to the MavCard office if your access has not been granted. The MavCard Office does not add or modify access. Processing can take up to seven (7) days, especially during busy times.

Test your access before you need it!

On most entrances to each residence hall will be a sign with an duty phone number. That phone is held by a Residence Life staff member 24/7. Call the RA for your building and they can assist you. Each phone number is unique to the building, so get the phone number from your building specifically.

You may also go to the Residence Life office during normal business hours for assistance. Do not go to the MavCard Office for help with residential access.

Usually, supervisors with student assistants request access for their employees as a normal step in the onboarding process. If you are told your card access has been activated, but it still does not work, let you supervisor know. They will contact ATLaS with the issue. Processing can take up to seven (7) days, especially during busy times.