CMU/CU-Boulder Engineering Partnership Programs

Colorado Mesa University and the University of Colorado Boulder have created two innovative partnerships to deliver civil and mechanical engineering programs in their entirety in Grand Junction. The first two years of the programs are taught by CMU faculty and the second two years of the programs are taught by CU-Boulder faculty who live permanently in Grand Junction.

Students completing either the Civil or Mechanical Engineering Partnership Program will receive the commensurate Bachelor of Science degree in either Civil or Mechanical Engineering (BSCE or BSME*) from the University of Colorado Boulder. 

The Civil and Mechanical Engineering Partnership Programs prepare students for careers in a wide range of industries through the rigorous study of either civil or mechanical engineering. Students participate in hands-on engineering design projects beginning in their freshman year and continuing through senior design projects.

Residence at CMU provides CU-Boulder engineering students the unique option of small class size and more contact with faculty while experiencing an engineering program equal in quality to that delivered on the CU-Boulder campus.

*Degrees awarded by University of Colorado Boulder