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The engineering faculty are different from those in traditional engineering departments.  The first priority of our faculty is to instruct the students; the familiar phase “publish or perish” does not apply in the CMU engineering program.  Faculty are encouraged to seek industry consulting jobs where students can participate.  Many faculty have industry experience and know what skills are necessary for students to be successful in future jobs in industry.

In order to keep current with the latest developments in industry the engineering faculty meet with their Industry Advisory Councils twice a year.  These councils are made up of working engineers from across Western Colorado who volunteer to review the curriculum to ensure that the most up-to-date topics are covered.   Other ways the faculty stay current include taking sabbaticals, working in industry during the summers, or continuing their own education.

Contact Us

For more information about the engineering program at Colorado Mesa University please contact:
Dr. Tim Brower, Director
CMU/CU-Boulder Mechanical Engineering Partnership Program
Archuleta Engineering Center, Room 213

Archuleta Engineering Center (AEC)

The Archuleta Engineering Center is located on the Bishop Campus near the intersection of F Road and 25 Road about three miles northwest of CMU’s main campus.  Daily shuttles carry students between campuses several times a day during the regular semester. View Campus Map.
2510 Foresight Circle
Grand Junction, CO 81505

Engineering Faculty

Dr. Scott Bevill
Dr. Tim Brower
Dr. Francisco Castro
Dr. Scott Kessler

Ms. Sarah Lanci

Dr. Nathan McNeill

Engineering Laboratory Technicians

Bob Wilson

Manufacturing and Construction Laboratory and Safety Technician

(970) 248-1581

Andy Affrunti, MSc

Electronics, Controls and Instrumentation Laboratory Technician

(970) 248-1681

Administrative Assistant

Harriet Carpenter

(970) 248-1400

Other Faculty

Dr. Gigi Richard, Associate Professor of Geology

Dr. Rick Ott, Assistant Professor of Statistics

Part-Time Instructors


Andy Affrunti (

Max Anderson (

Rebecca Atkins (

Shaun Burns (

Eric Goertz (

Brett Hensley (

Anna Johnson (

Jody Kliska, P.E. (

Monty Rutherford (



Dr. Frank Kustas

Ruth Powell

Sue Kupelian, P.E.

Pete Rekemeyer

Scott Wolford