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Photo of William McCracken

William McCracken

Assistant Technical Professor

Contact Information

Western Colorado Community College: Bishop Campus



AAS, Colorado Mesa University
Colorado State University Professional Teacher License
Teaching Certificate - 2D & 3D CAD/CAM
Training Certificate - 3D CAD/CAM
Training Certificate - FeatureCAM
Certificate of Completion - Self Directed Work Teams
Certificate of Completion - Fundamentals of Gauging
Certificate of Completion - Supply Chain Management
Certificate of Completion - Quality Assurance Instruction
Certificate of Completion - Shop Qualification Improvement Program
Certificate of Proficiency - The Dalic Electroplating Process
U.S. Navy Machining "A" School, Certificate of Completion
Certificate of Proficiency - Machine Trades


William McCracken received an associate degree from Colorado Mesa University, a professional teaching license from Colorado State University and extensive education through other certifications and experiences. He teaches Job Shop Machining, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Applications, Numerical Control Machining, Introduction to Manufacturing, Machine Technology and Introduction to Statistical Process Control.

McCracken incorporates a tactile, hands-on approach to learning in the classroom. He informs students of what they are going to learn and why, teaches them the information they need to be successful, then has them demonstrate what they have learned and assesses the results. Machining projects have been updated to reflect best practices in work force manufacturing facilities.

McCracken is the director of the Haas Technical Education Center Program and the FeatureCAM Training Center. He has evolved the CNC machining program to incorporate solid modeling from Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and engineering classes. McCracken works with mechanical engineering students to train them to safely operate the equipment in the machining technology lab for their program's first-year and final projects. Students majoring in manufacturing are able to move through classes in a timely manner by learning required skill sets in each course as approved by the Manufacturing Advisory Committee.

McCracken served as a principle investigator on a half-million dollar National Science Foundation grant. Along with his expertise in manufacturing, he has been working with 3D printers and modeling since 2008. McCracken also works with students on unmanned aerial vehicles, rotary and fixed wing.

McCracken serves as the Western Colorado Community College representative at the annual Colorado Mesa University Student Showcase. He is also a musician, plays in local bands and works as a sound engineer for local festivals.

Selected Publication

Advanced Technological Projects Impact - Partners with Industry for a New American Workforce

2008 "Integrated Learning Systems - A Model Approach"