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Photo of Kris Dietrich

Kris Dietrich

Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts

Contact Information

Moss Performing Arts Center 152



BFA in Drama (Design and Technology), University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

MFA, University of Missouri - Kansas City


Kris Dietrich was born and raised in Canada, and grew up in a very rural setting. The setting was foundational in demonstrating the value of creativity, patience and hard work. In the classroom he hopes to instill the same values within his students as they work to become the best theatre designers and technicians they can be. He enjoys teaching a variety of technical theatre and design classes and often feels very fortunate that many of his classes are project based, so he is able to play the role of a coach and mentor through their creative processes. He also enjoys working alongside students as they develop into theatre professionals. He hopes he can inform and educate them to become both effective and collaborative members of a team in their professional lives.

"Theatre is a wonderful discipline in which to engage with students because we actually put action behind our words," Dietrich said. "Meaning that alongside the academic pursuits and information, and lectures, we as a department also produce theatre. This allows us to coach and mentor students in ways that we could not if our interactions were simply limited to the classroom and theoretical case studies. Due to this dual theory and practice approach we are truly able to prepare our students for careers in the theatre arts and related fields."

Dietrich is continually intrigued at incorporating emerging technology into his creative process and the larger overall storytelling in the theatre. He has been a principle designer on more than 80 produced theatrical shows.

Kris Dietrich's website and curriculum vitae