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Photo of Katherine  Hadar

Katherine Hadar

Instructor of Art

Contact Information

Fine Arts Building 313C



Degree in Italian Language: Interpretation and Translation, University of Sienna at Florence
BFA, Graphic Design, Colorado Mesa University
MFA, Digital Filmmaking, University of Montana at Missoula


Katherine Hadar is a screenwriter, director and filmmaker. She has made 17 short films to date. Two of her films have been featured on the film circuit. She is currently working on the third piece in what she considers a trilogy on growing up. The lead actor is her daughter. Hadar's pieces are semi-autobiographical. "I paint my visions with my human child. I capture them on film. We make stories," she said.

Hadar believes fiercely in experiential learning. "We talk briefly, then we do; we make. There is only so much value in reading and lecture," she said. "My students learn by being on set, being live, and by failing, rapidly. Nothing hurts worse than setting everything up: actors/ lights/sound/ props/fog/so on, and forgetting to hit record. But guess what:? That only happens once. It happens in a safe place, where grades, not paychecks are at stake. I want my students to make sweet, sweet paychecks and to have fun doing it. Filmmakers and animators are some of the happiest people I've ever met. They live the dream. I am here to facilitate that. Theory and vision will come. I start in a physical world. And I start with love of the medium."

Hadar also makes films in her free time and said that's how she knows her profession is a good fit. "I record, craft story and project. Many of my students have expressed similar interests outside of homework and class time. That's how they know they are in the right degree track," she said.

"I trust my students," said Hadar. "Every story is real and everyone has one. My job is to guide that story in to something that interests a communal group. Film, animation, digital media is meant to be viewed by a large group. Our job is to figure out what resonates and to aim for that target." Her love of film is wrapped up in its physicality. In class, her students run, lay out on the ground, roll, explode and perform stunts. They return to the editing room with a collective experience and then hone their product.

View some of Katherine Hadar's work.