Alumni Connection

Job Shadowing/Networking Service

Would you like to talk to an alumni who is working in a career or job you are thinking about? Maybe you have chosen your major and you are wondering if you will like the work or maybe you haven't chosen your major and you are thinking of a career/job and would like to talk someone performing that job to ask questions and get a firsthand look.

CMU students may participate in the Alumni Connection networking service. Career Services will link you with a CMU Alumni who is currently in a career field or position you are interested in exploring. To participate, please contact Career Services at or 970.248.1404.

Once you are provided the alumni contact information, it is your responsibility to make contact with the alumni participant. We encourage you to take the opportunity to correspond with and possibly meet the alumni professional. You may have the opportunity to network, make new contacts, observe a specific work environment, and have your career questions answered by a professional in that field.

Dependent on the alumni and their employer, you may also have the opportunity to job shadow. Job shadowing is a career exploration activity where you may observe the day-to-day activities of a professional currently working in a career field. Job shadowing offers you a chance to see what it is actually like working in a specific job.

The Alumni Connection service is contingent on the availability of alumni participants.