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Western Colorado's Selective University

Career Assessments

Career Services offers two different interest assessments to aid in major or career selection.

Strong Interest Inventory

This computerized inventory can assist you in making educational and occupational choices by relating your interests to a wide variety of career fields and to the interests of satisfied workers within those fields. The Strong can identify careers which most parallel your interests as well as careers which are contrary to your interests. This assessment can be completed in approximately 15-30 minutes and requires a follow-up appointment with Career Services. Fees may apply--see below for more details.

College In Colorado Interest Profiler

This online tool is available to current students and is entirely self-directed. Use College In Colorado to research careers and explore interests by a variety of topics: job description and specialties, education and training required, Holland types, temperaments and aptitudes, earnings and employment outlook, work hours and travel, physical demands, transferable work content skills, etc.

Taking The Strong Interest Inventory

  1. Go to the Internet URL
  2. Enter Login: AACP (must be upper case)
  3. Enter Password: WSIBWIGU (must be upper case)
  4. Leave user ID blank
  5. Click LOG IN
  6. Select BEGIN by Strong Interest Inventory
    Do NOT choose the first assessment "MBTI ..."

After you have taken the Strong Interest Inventory, you will need to contact Career Services at 970.248.1404 to have your results interpreted and receive a copy of your assessment.

Assessment Charges

  • CMU Students: First assessment is free as a part of CMU fees. Additional assessments are $23.00.
  • Community Members: $35.00
  • Alumni: $23.00

Using College In Colorado Interest Profiler

  1. Go to:

  2. On the right side of the page under "New to this site" click on "Create an Account"

  3. Click on "College or Postsecondary School Student"

  4. Find "Colorado Mesa University - Grand Junction"

  5. Click on "Next"

  6. Complete the Account Information form and click on "Create Your Account"

  7. Click on "Career Planning", then "Learn About Yourself", then "Interest Profiler"

  8. Begin answering the assessment questions

Only for Use by Current Students

This is a free service for current Colorado Mesa University and Western Colorado Community College students.