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Western Colorado's Selective University

Career Fairs


The Advising & Career Center hosts multiple career fairs every year. These fairs provide a forum where employers can meet and screen candidates and where candidates can distribute their resumes and meet employers.

  • Spring Career Connections Fair

    Held every spring, this fair hosts over 60 employers and is open to the community as well as Colorado Mesa students and alumni.

Held in March, this fair welcomes school districts to interview prospective teachers for the next school year. Colorado Mesa teacher candidates, teacher candidates from other colleges, and community teachers may all attend.

Held every fall, this fair is geared towards students interested in learning about full-time, part-time, and seasonal employment; internships; and career and volunteer possibilities with a variety of companies.

This fair provides an opportunity for students to speak with graduate schools about their Master's and professional programs. The fair will be held in the fall in conjunction with our Major Fair.

Held every fall, this fair provides current students with the opportunity to learn about the various academic programs offered at Colorado Mesa. Students can meet with representatives from academic departments to find out about majors, minors, and certificate programs as well as employment possibilities, graduate school, and research opportunities.

NOTE: The Advising & Career Center reserves the right to screen for duplication of employers representing the same company. Also, if registration fees are not paid, employers will not be permitted to attend future career fairs.