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Construction Management

Explore the possibilities of a career in Construction Management

Construction Management is the discipline of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the labor, material and equipment required to construct and deliver a completed construction project to a private or public owner.

It is a team effort with each participant working to achieve the project objectives. Project objectives are generally stated as: delivering the project on or ahead of schedule, at or under budget, achieving the required level of standards and quality, maintaining a safe project site, and having a minimal impact on the natural environment.

The construction industry traditionally is divided into four sectors:

1. Residential; 2. Commercial; 3. Heavy Civil; 4. Industrial. Some consider a fifth sector (emerging from Heavy Civil), referred to as 'Environmental'.

At Colorado Mesa University the Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management is designed to prepare students with knowledge and skills required to be successful managers and leaders in a challenging and rapidly changing construction industry.

Student Learning Outcomes

A Bachelor of Science in Construction Management graduate, will be able to:

Critical Thinking Skills: Apply business knowledge and skills in appropriate business contexts and transfer knowledge and skills to new business situations.

Communication Skills: Independently communicate clearly, appropriately, and persuasively to the audience, both orally and in writing.

Quantitative fluency: Analyze business data critically, reason logically, and apply analysis methods correctly to develop appropriate business conclusions.

Strategic Application of Information: Strategically apply information across functional business areas.

Team Work: Effectively work in a team.

General Business Knowledge: Integrate knowledge from multiple functional areas of business to solve business problems and to develop sound business strategies.

Work Products: Produce professional business work products.

Ethical Behavior: Practice principle-based ethics in decision making both personally and professionally.

Specialized Knowledge in Construction Management: Identify, formulate and solve construction related problems by applying mathematics, science and business principles.