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Biological Sciences Department Faculty

We are driven by our commitment to excellent teaching!

Dr. Becktell with a student in the greenhouseOur professors in Biology have deliberately chosen to pursue their careers at Colorado Mesa University because of its commitment to teaching.  Small class sizes, innovative approached, hands-on labs, fieldwork, field courses, and undergraduate research are what draw BOTH faculty and students to our Department.

Please feel free to contact the professors listed below for more information about our department and its offerings.

Full-Time Faculty in Biological Sciences

Bruce Bauerle, DA (Ecology and Vertebrate Zoology)

Margot Becktell, PhD (Botany and Horticulture)

Kelly Jean Thomas Craig, PhD (Mitochondrial Biology)

Shay West, PhD (Neuroscience and Genetics)

Paul Hampton, PhD (Physiological Ecology and Comparative Morphology)

Eriek Hansen, PhD (Fisheries and Aquatic Ecology)

Susan Longest, PhD (Animal Behavior and Physiology)

Stephanie Matlock, MS (Vertebrate Ecology and Wildlife Management)

Denise McKenney, PhD (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)

Carrie McVean Waring, DVM (Anatomy and Physiology)

Kyle McQuade, PhD (Cellular and Molecular Biology)

Zeynep Ozsoy, PhD (Molecular Biology)

Aparna D.N. Palmer, PhD (Marine Invertebrate Zoology and Population Genetics)

Judith Sirota, MS (Human Anatomy and Physiology)

Matthew Stansbury (Developmental Genetics and EvoDevo)

Stephen Stern, PhD (Plant Molecular Systematics)

Thomas Walla, PhD (Tropical Ecology and Insect Biology)

Steve D. Werman, PhD (Molecular Systematics and Herpetology)

Emeritus Faculty in Biological Sciences

Forbes Davidson, PhD (Physiology and Medicine)

Gary McCallister, DA (Parasitology and Epidemiology)

Adjunct Faculty in Biological Sciences

Marty Jacobson, PhD (Microbiology)

Susan Radka, PhD (Pathology)

Part-Time Faculty in Biological Sciences

Teresa Coons, PhD

Matthew Garhart, MS

George Gromke, MD (Medical Sciences Advisor)

Kelli Kessel, MS

Melissa Scott, PhD (Biophysics)