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Western Colorado's Selective University

Mesa Experimental Theatre (MET)

The Mesa Experimental Theatre, or MET, is a versatile space which seats up to 150 people in an almost unlimited number of possible performance configurations. Designed primarily as a laboratory space, the MET is home to both student-produced and directed performances and faculty productions with a more "cutting-edge" feel than traditional Main Stage offerings.

2016-17 Season

An Evening of Harold Pinter

One-act plays by one of the most influential and provocative dramatists of the 20th century

Many of the great dramatists wrote wonderful one-act plays in addition to their full-length plays. Nobel Prize winning playwright Harold Pinter is no exception. His plays specialize in surreal, dark humor and are fueled by intense dialogue, disconnected from much exposition. Pinter once described his work as an analysis of “the powerful and the powerless.” Join us for an evening of selections of one-act plays by one of the greatest playwrights of the modern era. Rated PG-13

September 15-17; 7:30pm


A playful and intelligent comedy with a powerful undertow of emotion

In this spellbinding, romantic journey, Roland, a bee-keeper, meets Marianne, a witty woman who works in quantum cosmology. She suggests a theory of the universe in which at any given moment, several different outcomes could exist simultaneously. This theory is played out as we see multiple ways in which the couple’s encounters could have turned out as a result of simple factors. This beautiful two person play raises thoughtful questions about the difference between free will and destiny. Rated PG-13

February 9-11; 7:30pm

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Ticket Prices:

$10 adult

$8 senior, faculty/staff

$6 student