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Western Colorado's Selective University

Animation, Film, Photography and Motion Design

The B.F.A. in Animation, Film, Photography and Motion Design (AFP&MD) is unique. After completing traditional freshman-level composition and drawing courses, AFP&MD majors enter a three-tiered program of study. The first tier consists of courses in the principles of animation, film, photography, and motion design—courses designed to outline the specifics of each area and the relationships connecting the areas to each other. The second tier follows with intermediate-level courses where students apply and expand upon earlier basic concepts while exploring more complex applications and completing projects that address the interaction of time, movement, and space. Finally, the third tier offers advanced levels of study providing opportunities for majors to produce a more individual and high-quality portfolio coupled with options for experimentation, collaborative work, and travel. Also unique to AFP&MD are the possible experimental combinations of multiple areas of study in animation, film, photography and motion design. Students at the senior level have opportunities to integrate all four AFP&MD areas or focus on various combinations of digital techniques. Students are encouraged to follow their passions and interests and focus on the area or areas most suited to their individual career goals.
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