Advising Video Series

Welcome to the Advising Video Series! The following videos orient students to CMU's online advising resources. These videos will help you prepare for your advising appointment and learn how to navigate our MAVzone system. Remember to take the quiz at the end of the videos.

Step 1: Watch All Five Videos

Step 2: Take the Quiz

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Video 1: MAVzone

  • MAVzone Login
  • Degree Works
  • Holds
  • Student Academics Tab

Video 3: Program Sheets

  • Degree Requirement
  • Suggest Course Sequencing
  • Major Courses

Video 5: Schedule information

  • Looking Up Classes
  • View Your Student Schedule
  • Class Types and Locations
  • Add/Drop/Withdraw Deadlines

Video 2: Essential Learning

  • Academic Publications
  • Essential Learning Lists

Video 4: Prior Credit

  • Identifying Your Prior Credit
  • Understanding the Evaluation Process
  • How to View Your Evaluated Courses
  • Tools You Can Utilize