First-Semester Advising

Advising Hold and Schedule Changes
  • All first-semester students who are not transfer students have an Advising Hold placed on their account.
  • This hold is automatically lifted before second-semester registration begins.
  • This hold ensures that first semester freshman go through an advising process before registering for classes with an advisor at Orientation or with an academic advisor in the Advising Center.
  • This hold also prevents students from making irreversible changes to their schedule for their first semester of school without speaking to an advisor first.
  • Check your holds by logging into MAVzone.  Under the "Student Academics" tab, navigate to "Student Records" and click on "View Holds."  If you have the advising hold, please contact the Advising Center for assistance in making schedule changes.
  • A few things advisors consider when students makes changes to their schedule are:
    • how will the changes help them complete requirements for graduation
    • how will the changes affect completion of prerequisites for major requirements
    • how will the changes affect their financial aid, scholarships, or housing contract
    • is the student aware of course information like the start date and location of the class
      (i.e. second mod vs. full semester; main campus vs. Montrose campus)
    • is the student aware of how changes can affect their bill

All new incoming, Colorado, freshmen are required to attend Student Orientation. At orientation, you will:

  • Meet with an advisor and register for classes
  • Attend informative sessions
  • Learn how to get involved with campus activities
  • Get your MAVcard (student ID)
  • Take a tour to become familiar with campus, and more

Note: Former Concurrent and Ascent students, taking their first semester as a full-fledged CMU student will be classified as a First-time student for scholarship purposes. Former Concurrent and Ascent students are both required to attend a Student Orientation in order to register for classes.

Out-of-state students may register for classes over the phone with an academic advisor. Visit the First-Semester Assessment page to see if you need to take any assessments prior to registration. Students who require assessments will need to have taken or scheduled these assessments prior to making an advising appointment. To schedule an appointment contact the Advising Center at 970-248-1177. Students are also directed to be logged into MAVzone so that they can learn about the registration first-hand much like they would at orientation. See admissions letter for log-in information.

Out-of-state students are welcome to attend an Orientation session. Early registration is recommended for best course selection and phone-in appointments usually are the more timely option for out-of-state students. New, out-of-state freshman can also obtain an on-campus experience prior to classes starting by participating in Mesa Experience, Stampede Weekend, and/or FYI.

PB Students: Out-of-state students who are admitted through our Provisional Baccalaureate program are directed to the Office of Student Success to set-up phone-in appointments at 970-248-1340.

Transfer students are strongly encouraged, but not required to attend a Student Orientation or meet with an advisor before registration. Based on previous transfer work, major, and test score, transfer students may be directed to take appropriate assessments prior to course placement and registration. Transfer students are often not required to submit National Test scores, but providing this information to CMU may aid you in getting appropriate college level placement. See the First-Semester Assessment page to see if you are in need of any assessments.

Student Orientation

If you elect to attend orientation, you may have the opportunity to meet with a faculty member from the department that houses your major. If you are a junior or senior transfer student, you would probably be better served meeting one-on-one with an advisor. Transfer students who do choose to attend an orientation should register for a program at least three weeks in advance in order to have their transfer evaluation ready on their orientation date.

Faculty Advisors

As a transfer student, you can also seek advising from the academic department that houses your major, depending on faculty availability. See the Academic Departments page for contact information.

Academic Advisors

Advisors in the Advising Center can assist transfer students with registration, major selection, and in evaluating how a student's coursework fits into CMU degree programs and Essential Learning Requirements. Official or unofficial transcripts for all transfer work should be provided prior to scheduled advising appointment. Additionally, students who require assessments will need to have taken or scheduled these assessments prior to making an advising appointment. To schedule an appointment contact the Advising Center at 970-248-1177.

Center for Transfer Services

Transfer students who have not been admitted or who do not have official transcripts on file with CMU, are referred to the Center for Transfer Services at 970.248.1232 for assistance in completing admission and/or registration.