Faculty Advisors

Faculty advising studentStudents who have declared a major should seek the advice of a faculty advisor within the Academic Department that houses their major. Having a good relationship with your faculty advisor can be highly beneficial!

The purpose of a faculty advisor is to assist in the process of degree completion. Students are required to have a faculty advisor's signature on their Program Sheet and other graduation paperwork.

It is the student's responsibility to maintain his/her program sheet and to keep it up-to-date. Advisors are not responsible for failure to meet degree requirements.

Find Your Advisor

Advisor assignments can be found by viewing the Degree Works report in MAVzone under the Student Academics tab. Students can view their Degree Works report in the top-center column by selecting the link to the report. This will cause the program audit report to run on the student's current program of study and assigned advisor(s) to appear. Click on the advisor's name to email an advisor or locate an advisor's contact information through the Campus Directory.

If you are currently undecided about your major or if you have specific holds, you will need to see an Academic Advisor prior to registration. See our Academic Advisors page for more information.

Faculty Can Help You Succeed as a Student

  • Course Selection: Faculty can assist students in selecting courses that will match their interests and career and educational goals. Also, certain majors (such as Elementary Education, Chemistry, Nursing, Music, or Theatre) require the completion of specific courses early on and failure to do so can cause a delay in graduation. Visiting a faculty advisor every semester is important to remaining on track. (Visit our Scheduling Tips page for more help on creating a schedule.)

  • On-Campus Resource: Faculty can refer students to other staff, faculty, or services that may meet a student's needs or interests. Faculty can also be a great resource for information about on-campus clubs, organizations, and activities that can lead to future career opportunities or provide students with the necessary experience for prospective careers.

Faculty Can Help You Plan Your Future

  • Career Information & Internships: Faculty can also be an invaluable resource for career information, experience, and contacts! Faculty may assist students in gathering information about careers related to a degree field, the job-market for an occupation, available career opportunities and experience, as well as career and graduate school contacts.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Letters of Recommendation from faculty may be needed for career and scholarship opportunities. Faculty are more likely to recommend internships, letters or recommendation, and job opportunities to students they know--so make an appointment with your faculty advisor today!

  • Graduate School: If a student is interested in going to graduate school, Faculty Advisors are the best resource for information. Faculty can advise students about the application process, course selection, activities that may be beneficial, and in identifying potential graduate programs.