Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors can assist students with matching majors to career aspirations as well as evaluating how a student's coursework fits CMU degree programs, Essential Learning, and General Education Requirements. Advising Center staff can also assist students in identifying their interests by evaluating career and interest assessments. For assistance with determining a major, call the Advising Center to set-up an appointment.

Services Provided by Academic Advisors

  • Advise first-semester freshman, students with undeclared majors, and first-semester transfer students
  • Guide students in major exploration
  • Assist students in course selection and registration
  • Interpretation of the LASSI Assessment
  • Assist students with strategies for academic success
  • All first-semester students have an Advising Hold placed on their account.
  • This hold is automatically lifted before second-semester registration begins.
  • This hold ensures that first semester freshman go through an advising process before registering for classes with an advisors at Orientation or with an academic advisor in the Advising Center.
  • This hold also prevents students from making irreversible changes to their schedule for their first semester of school without speaking to an advisor first.
  • A few things advisors consider when students makes changes to their schedule are:
    • how will the changes help them complete requirements for graduation
    • how will the changes affect completion of prerequisites for major requirements
    • how will the changes affect their financial aid, scholarships, or housing contract
    • is the student aware of course information like the start date and location of the class
      (i.e. second mod vs. full semester; main campus vs. Montrose campus)
    • is the student aware of how changes can affect their bill

If this is your first semester as a full-fledged CMU student and not a fast-track or concurrent student, you will also be classified as a first-semester freshman for scholarship purposes, etc.

The LASSI, or Learning and Study Strategies Inventory, is an 60-item assessment which gauges student awareness and use of "learning and study strategies related to skill, will, and self-regulation." * The LASSI provides students with an assessment of their learning and study strengths and weaknesses, compared to other college students, in the following areas (or scales): anxiety, attitude, concentration, information processing, motivation, selecting main ideas, self testing, test strategies, time management, and using academic resources.


The LASSI hold is placed on all first-time freshmen during their first semester. All first-time freshmen are required to complete the LASSI Inventory prior to registering for the next semester. Once the inventory is taken the hold will be removed.

Taking the LASSI Inventory

To complete the LASSI Inventory log into your MAVzone account and select the Student Academics tab. Access the LASSI Inventory at the top-right corner and follow the instructions. The inventory will take you approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

LASSI Results/Report

Once you have completed the inventory, you should meet with your advisor to discuss the two-page report that will be displayed. The advisor will discuss the inventory results and help you with course selection for the next semester. This can be done with an advisor in the Advising Center or with your faculty advisor. To find your advisor assignment, log into MAVzone and go to the Student Academics tab. At the top-center column you will find the DegreeWorks section. Select the 'View Your DegreeWorks Report' link. This will cause your current program(s) of study and advisor(s) to appear. To email your advisor, click on the envelope by the advisor's name, or you can locate your advisor's contact information through the Campus Directory.

*LASSI Users Manual, Weinstein & Palmer, 2002

  • The Undeclared Major hold (UM hold), is placed on all students who have not officially declared a major after the first semester of school.
  • The UM hold prevents students from registering for the next semester.
  • Prior to registration, undeclared students must have their UM hold removed by meeting with an academic advisor to discuss course selection, or by declaring their major.
  • Student who have selected a major are directed to the Academic Department associated with that major to declare their major and obtain a faculty advisor.
  • Once a student has selected a major they will also need to obtain a program sheet. For more information on program sheets or how to declare a major/minor, see the Declare a Major page.
  • Students are advised to declare a major by their sophomore year.
  • Majors can be changed multiple times.
  • Determining a major by the sophomore year will help avoid a delay in graduation.
  • To discuss major and/or career possibilities, contact the Advising Center to schedule an appointment.
  • See our Four-Year Planning Guide for a more detailed time-line.
  • To declare or change a major or minor a student must visit the Academic Department associated with that program. Once declared, students should be assigned a faculty advisor and obtain a Program Sheet.

NOTE: different majors have different course requirements; changing a major can delay graduation.

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