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Group 4 Information

CMU currently has six categories of employees on different payroll periods and systems.  Therefore, the upcoming payroll change will affect each group differently.  Given this variety, you can see how standardizing employee pay across the institution will increase efficiency and reduce payroll processing time, which will save money and result in improved service.  It will also mean that employees are paid more frequently, that new employees may not have as long a delay before their first paycheck and that employees can see their current and correct leave balances through MAVzone.

Below is an explanation of how the change will affect you (and your group). You are in Group 4. 

You are currently paid a salary amount on the last working day of the month for work performed the first through the last working day of the month.  Effective July 1, 2018, CMU will transition to a semi-monthly, hourly payroll consistent with your hourly position.  Next year, you will continue to receive a monthly paycheck through June. On July 2, 2018 you will receive your last monthly salary check for work during the month of June.  On July 31, 2018, you will receive pay for actual hours worked the period July 1-15 or about one-half of your monthly pay. The other half, for actual hours worked July 16 – 31, will be paid on August 15, 2018.  It is important to understand that after the transition you will be paid for actual hours worked during each pay period.  This means your pay will fluctuate based on the number of actual hours worked in the pay period. 

Insurance premiums are currently deducted in advance. For example, premiums deducted from your November paycheck are for your coverage in December. After the switch to semi-monthly paychecks, the premium deductions will be for the current month. For example, half of your premium for August 2018 will be deducted from your August 15 paycheck and half from your August 31 paycheck. Changing when insurance premiums are deducted for the insurance coverages listed below means the June pay (paid July 2, 2018) will cover July premiums and premiums will not be withheld on your July 31, 2018 paycheck.  If you have any of these insurance coverages, your net pay on July 31 will be more than one-half your monthly net pay as a result of this transition.  Please be assured that your coverage will continue uninterrupted. Deductions included in this change are:

Rocky Mountain Health

Delta Dental

Vision Care Direct

Optional Life Insurance   

Voluntary Short Term Disability

Colonial Insurance 

Cigna Insurance

John Hancock Long Term Care


We appreciate the complexity and impact of this change.  Informational sessions will be held the following dates and times. The sessions below will be tailored to your employee group.  So, it is important that you attend one of these sessions.   There will be an opportunity for Q&A during these sessions.  Space is limited so please sign up using this link: SignUpGenius 

Mon, December 4

2pm – 3pm

UC Room 222

Thu, December 7

3pm – 4pm

UC Room 222

Friday, December 8 at WCCC

9am – 10a

Room A118

In addition, we will offer one-on-one sessions, by appointment, beginning January 2018. 

We encourage employees to consider and plan for the transition over the next several months.  At the informational sessions we will release more information about a one-half month payroll loan option that may be paid back in small installments (without interest, of course) for those employees who may need help during the initial transition. 

During the upcoming months, we will continue sharing information with you about the change and will be available to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kandis Gillespie, Deputy Controller at 248-1312 if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and support.