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Colorado and Gunnison Basin Roundtable Education Projects

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has ordered that a CO Statewide Water Plan to be drafted by the end of 2014 and finalized by the end of 2014.  Basin Roundtables of stakeholders across the state are drafting their own "basin implementation plans" as a first step, and they need your input!

Get the latest information and provide feedback on the Colorado Water Plan and the Colorado and Gunnison Basin Implementation Plans!

Background Information on the Basin Roundtables

The Water Center is working with the Colorado and Gunnison Basin Roundtables in Colorado to increase public awareness of the roundtables' role in needs assessment, planning, and financing projects to meet future water needs.  The project includes coordinating presentations to community groups. 

Key Resources on Colorado Statewide Water Planning & Roundtables

Grand Valley Principles for the CO State Water Plan

Draft "West Slope Principles" for the CO Water Plan proposed by the NW CO Council of Governments. 

Discussion & Draft of East Slop Roundtables' joint statement on filling the municipal gap for the CO Water Plan 

Governor's Executive Order for CO Statewide Water Plan

Statewide Water Supply Initiative Study - identifies "the gap" state will face by 2050

Trade-off & portfolio tool - developed by the state to assess options to fill the gap

Memo on Risk Management from Gunnison BRT

Metro Roundtable Conservation Strategy Memo

Filling the Gap - Paper from environmental groups arguing that new projects are unnecessary

Study:  Water and Its Relationship to the Economies of the Headwaters Counties - summary, full report

Assessing environmental & recreational water needs: Fact sheet + maps

Energy Development Water Needs Assessment, Phase II (AMEC for Colorado & Yampa/ White Basin Roundtables)

Flaming Gorge Task Force: Final Report, Part 1; Final Report, App G-I

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Colorado Basin Roundtable

Colorado Basin Roundtable - official website

Membership List

Presentation on Colorado Basin Imp Plan/ CWP

Presentation on Statewide & Colo Basin Water - short

Presentation on Ag Water Use in Colorado Basin

Gunnison Basin Roundtable

Gunnison Basin Roundtable - official website

Membership List

Presentation on Statewide & Gunni Basin Water - Short

Presentation on Gunnison Basin Water - detailed

News Clips

All these clips were either generated directly by this project or refer to project activities.

Dire Water Predicament Spurs Cooperation, Compromise, The Watch, 8/18/14

Holm: Dire water predicament spurs cooperation, compromise, Summit Daily News, 8/14/14

Gunnison water plan submitted to state, Delta County Independent, 8/14/14

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Water Lines: Water, Democracy and Private Property Rights, GJ Free Press, 7/2/14

 Water Lines: What can local governments do to protect and conserve water? GJ Free Press, 6/26/14

Ridgway dam now producing clean power, Delta County Independent, 6/26/14

Ridgway Dam now producing clean power, The Watch, 6/24/14

Water Lines: Hydropower kicks in at nearby Ridgway Dam, GJ Free Press, 6/23/14

Water Lines: High water brings big benefits, GJ Free Press, 6/11/14

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Water Lines: Active year for water legislation in CO, GJ Free Press, 5/14/14

Water Lines: Learn about Colorado and Gunnison rivers May 15 at GJ City Hall, 5/6/14

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Water Returns to the Colorado River Delta, The Watch, 4/28/14

Water Plan Process Gets Scrutiny in Gunnison County, The Watch, 4/17/14

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Gunnison Basin Plan focuses on Value of Agricultural Water, The Watch, 4/16/14

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Users stand firm on water question, GJ Daily Sentinel, 4/3/14

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Mesa County residents can give opinion on water plan, GJ Daily Sentinel, 4/1/14

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Water Lines: Water planning, public outreach continue, GJ Free Press, 3/20/14

Guest Column: Western Slope agricultural producers weigh in on water plan, Rifle Citizen Telegram, 3/15/14

Western Slope still vulnerable to drought, Glenwood Springs Post-Independent, 3/14/14

Water leaders seek to avert loss of power generation from Lake Powell, Delta County Independent, 3/12/14

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Western Slope Vulnerable to Drought, Vail Daily, 2/25/14

Water Lines: Water Planning for western communities, GJ Free Press, 2/20/14

Colorado River basin water planners gather local input, Sky Hi Daily News, 2/18/14

CO's Water supply expected to double by 2050 , KREX Channel 5, 2/17/14

Weekly Planner, GJ Sentinel, 2/16/14

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Water Leaders seek to avoid loss of power generation at Lake Powell, BARN Media, 2/5/14

Registration available for water course, GJ Sentinel, 1/31/14

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Course focuses on Colorado Water Plan, Delta County Independent, 1/29/14

Be in the know when it comes to water, GJ Sentinel, 1/28/14

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2014 water legislation reflects drought, flood and controversy, Delta County Independent, 1/15/14

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Water rights can have value for recreation, Delta County Independent, 1/1/14

Water Lines: Water Rights for Recreation, GJ Free Press, 12/26/13

Dust, higher temps could advance snowmelt, Delta County Independent, 12/18/13

Las Vegas loses a round in quest for new water supply, BARN Media, 12/17/13

Colorado Water Plan needs your input, Delta County Independent, 12/4/13

Water Lines: Denver-West Slope water agreement finally final, GJ Free Press, 12/3/13

Water Lines: How should we share the Colo. River? State’s water plan needs your input,GJ Free Press, 11/26/13

Water Lines: Will efforts to manage our water issues today prepare us for the future? GJ Free Press, 11/19/13

Drought and population growth punch Colorado in the face.... High Country News blog, 11/15/19

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Water Law seminar at CMU Nov 8, Delta County Independent, 11/6/13

Conference brings water experts to CMU, Delta County Independent, 10/30/13

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Water Lines: Shell withdrawal from CO oil shale R&D may reduce projections of water use, GJ Free Press, 9/25/13

Drought in norther parts of the state ended by recent floods, Vail Daily, 9/19/13

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Long-term drought persists, Gunnison Country Times, 8/15/13

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How will the state share the Colorado River, Delta Independent, 7/31/13

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CMU Hosts Grant Workshop for Water Projects, KREX Channel 5, 6/25/13

June 26 - Grant Workshop for agricultural and urban water, KJCT Channel 8, 6/14/13

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Governor orders state water plan, Vail Daily, 6/4/13

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Assessing Gov. Hickenlooper's Water Plan, Summit Daily News, 5/23/13

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Water watchers: April helped - a little, GJ Sentinel, 5/14/13

State of the Rivers raises issues with the Colorado, KKCO Channel 11, 5/13/13

State of the Rivers held at CMU, KJCT Channel 8, 5/13/13

Mesa County water suppliers plan to discuss the future, KJCT Channel 8, 5/12/13

2013 Rafting Season Outlook, KKCO Channel 11, 5/5/13

Water Center at CMU to host State of the Rivers, KKCO Channel 11, 5/5/13

Water Lines: Natural & human factors affect flows in the Gunnison, which will be low this year, GJ Free Press, 5/1/13

Water Lines: Water events flowing through the month of May, GJ Free Press, 4/25/13

Holm: Colorado River "Most Endangered" but not lost , Summit Daily News 4/22/13

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Drought isn't over, Delta County Independent, 4/17/13

Water Lines: Drought not over; poor supply forecast triggers Shoshone Call "relaxation," GJ Free Press 4/12/13

Leasing water for streams is new tool, Delta County Independent 4/10/13

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Conference deals with river's problems, Grand Junction Sentinel 3/14/13

River Crossings Conference Kicks off at CMU, KREX Channel 5, 3/11/13

Water seminar kicks off at Colorado Mesa University, KJCT Channel 8, 3/11/13

River Crossings Conference and Workshop, KKCO Channel 11, 3/11/13

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River Crossings Conference and Workshop at CMU March 11-15, Colorado Radio - Montrose 3/5/13

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Water Lines: Gore Canyon whitewater park first rec project funded by state water board, GJ Free Press 2/22/13

Water for Food, Food for Life, Delta County Independent, 2/20/13

Water Congress looks at basins' supply and demand imbalance, 2/20/13

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Water Seminars Held at CMU, KJCT Channel 8, 2/11/13

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Film series on Colorado River coming to the web, Delta County Independent, 1/31/13

Officials warn to start conserving water now, KREX Channel 5, 1/28/13

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Inversion creates domino effect on cold, health, drought, KKCO Channel 11, 1/23/13

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Snow pack still below normal after storms, KJCT Channel 8, 12/21/12

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Hot, dry future in the forecast - Grand Junction Sentinel, 10/10/12

Drought conditions linger, officials prepare - KJCT Channel 8, 10/9/12

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Water concerns for the western slope - KKCO Channel 11, 10/2/12

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Reservoir storage serves as water saving account - Delta Independent, 9/19/12

Uncompahgre water tour set for Sept. 25 - Delta Independent, 9/19/2012

Learn the Laws of Water at Special One-day Class - Grand Junction Sentinel, 9/16/12

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Environmental projects benefit multiple water users - Delta Independent, 9/12/12

CMU lecture on politics of drought - Grand Junction Sentinel, 9/9/12

CMU Series on Water and Drought Continues Monday - Grand Junction Sentinel, 9/7/12

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Water uses vary in the Gunnison Basin  - Delta Independent, 8/22/012

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No Forests, No Rivers - Delta County Independent, 8/15/12

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Water Lines: Drought Year Effects on Agriculture - Grand Junction Free Press, 8/3/12

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50th anniversary of Paonia Reservoir to be celebrated - Delta County Independent, 7/25/12

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Water thinkers talk challenging issues at 3-day gathering - Grand Junction Sentinel, 7/22/12

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Group Kayaks Entire Colorado River - KREX Channel 5, 7/11/12

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Moving water from farms to cities - Delta County Independent, 6/27/12

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Whitewater feeds the economy - Delta County Independent, 6/13/12

Diane Johnson & Hannah Holm: Drought Deepens Across Colorado - Summit Daily News, 6/10/12

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How white water feeds Colorado's economy - Summit Daily News 6/2/12

Water Lines: Schwieterman: Whitewater recreation integral to our economy - Grand Junction Free Press, 6/1/12

Greg Trainor: How much water will future energy development use? - Summit Daily News, 5/31/12

Commemoration Set for Blue Mesa Dam's 50th Anniversary - Crested Butte News, 5/30/12

Gunnison Basin Celebrates "Year of Water" - Delta County Independent, 5/30/12

Western Slope water a hot topic at public forum - Grand Junction Sentinel, 5/27/12

2012: Year of Water Celebrations Planned for Gunnison River Basin - Crested Butte News, 5/25/12

Blue Mesa: Life at 50 (p.12) - Gunnison Country Magazine - 2012

Water Lines: Do we have the water to support Colorado oil shale development? - GJ Free Press, 5/25/12

Value of the Colorado River - KKCO Channel 11, 5/22/12

River's Economic Value Subject of Seminar - Grand Junction Sentinel, 5/20/12

Hannah Holm: Colorado's Water Balancing Act - Summit Daily News, 5/19/12

How Much Water do we need to keep streams healthy? - Grand Junction Free Press, 5/18/12

Lane Wyatt: How much water do we need to keep streams healthy? - Summit Daily News, 5/12/12

Conservation: How Much is Reasonable, and for Whom? - Grand Junction Free Press, 5/11/12

Karn Stiegelmeier: Weighing our Future Water Needs - Summit Daily News, 5/5/12

Water Lines: 2012 - The "Year of Water" - Grand Junction Free Press, 5/4/12

Water Rights Leases to Preserve Streams, Rivers - KKCO Channel 11, 5/4/12

CMU Water Center to Host Water Management Meeting - KREX Channel 5, 5/2/12

Dry Spell Could Spell Trouble - KKCO Channel 11, 5/2/12

Water Experts to Discuss Area Drought, Low Rivers - GJ Sentinel, 5/1/12

Historic Drought Highlights Importance of Statewide Water Planning - GJ Free Press, 4/27/12

Water and Land Management Presentations Scheduled - The Business Times, 4/25/12

With Drought Upon Us, It's Time to Discuss Conservation - GJ Sentinel 4/22/12

River Tour Opens Eyes of Local Council Members - GJ Free Press 4/20/12

Water Restrictions Unlikely for now - GJ Sentinel 4/21/12

Historic Drought forming in West - GJ Sentinel 4/20/12

Frying Pan - Ark Project at 50 - Colorado Central 4/2012

Group Discusses Water Short Future - KKCO Channel 11 3/5/12

Mesa County Western Colorado Congress Discusses Water Issues - KREX Channel 5, 3/4/12

Small hydroelectric plant powered by irrigation water to break ground (p6) - GJ Sentinel 3/24/12

Paonia Reservoir turns 50 - Delta Independent 2/22/12